Google Search Console Insights adds your growing content report

Google has upgraded Google Search Console Insights to show more insights into your content even if you do not have an associated Google Analytics account assigned to that property. Google added a new report named “your growing content” that shows impression and click growth changes for your top content over a specific date range.

Your growing content report. Here is a screenshot of that report, as Google provided on Twitter.

It shows how much your content is “growing” when looking at this period of data, compared to the previous period of data. Growth can mean an increase in impressions or clicks.

Your Growing Content Google Search Console Insights

Report is live. I do currently see this report showing up for sites that do not have their Google Analytics property associated to their Search Console account, so it seems to be live.

What Google said. Google wrote, “Search Console Insights got an upgrade for properties that are not associated with Google Analytics. This includes new content performance insights, such as your site’s most popular and most trending pieces of content on Search.

Associations. You can learn more about how to associate your Google Search Console Insights property over here.

What is Search Console Insights. Search Console Insights is designed specifically for content creators and publishers and “can help them understand how audiences discover their site’s content and what resonates with their audiences,” according to Google. The Search Console Insights reporting is powered by data from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Why we care. More reporting, more analytics and more insights can be useful to understanding how Google Search sees your content. It might also give you more content ideas, ways to understand and sell to your customers and ideas on how to improve your website.

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